A war with no ends... only calms between the storms.


by knyghtmarev3

Issue 8

Issue 8 is sitting at 20 pages at this moment, with around 4 to go. Sorry for a the long delay, but thats what having a newborn does to schedules. I hope to have issue 8 out ASAP!

by knyghtmarev3

Issue 7 lands!

Sorry about the long delay, but issue 7 is FINALLY here! This is the beginning of an all new arc, and it has TONS of World Building! It was written by my co-author Abayifo! She's done an outstanding job and has even pushed me in the terms of the figures and character interactions! I hope you enjoy the first chapter of this arc!

by Abayifo

Hello from Tams!

Hi everyone!

My name is Tammie and I have been brought into this venture to help write and create some new content with John!

Part of that was trying out taking over some of the secondary characters and writing an arc for them that will tie into the next major storyline –  Our story line changes somewhat to Tony and Angie and takes place about a year after the Mordred storyline. (but concurrent to the Innocence story)

Angie is still dealing with some PTSD issues after being taken by Mordred – which had the unintentional side effect of her finding out she is every bit the witch her sister Bekka is. The main problem with that being she has almost zero control over it.

They believe it is due to some kind of barrier Mordred placed upon her while he was in control of her, to protect himself, should she turn against him.

In the year after the Mordred storyline, Angie and Tony have grown very close, and now live together. Tony has put his feelers out globally to try and find an answer to Angie’s dilemma.  Bekka is noticeably absent in helping to solve the issue, and most of that is due to the current story arc, Fighting Slenderman and Innocence. (Spoilers, darlings, more to come)

This storyline takes on Tony finding out he is not so alone in the world as he thought, Angie almost killing them all, Gods, Goddesses, The creation of our universe, Prophesies,  Tony getting a little more awesome, and yeah… some sexy times too.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this storyline and further collaboration with John as we move the storylines together and bring you guys some awesome content! 

Thanks for reading!!



by knyghtmarev3

Issue 5 corrected

Ok! Issue 5 is edited! Sorry for the snafu folks!

by knyghtmarev3

Issue 5 typos

Issue 5 is now UP! ...with typos galore -_-. I'll be fixing that in the next few days....